Pre-magnification and magnification (trout)

Pre-magnification and magnification (trout)

The closed rooms "SF2" and "SF1"
vue panoramique de la salle fermée de grossissement (SF1)

vue panoramique de la salle fermée de grossissement (SF1)

Pre-Magnification and Magnification

2 independent circuits (SF2 and SF1)

8 and 10 basins of 250 L each

Technical description

Thermally regulated closed circuit with temperature control. Temperature range: 5-20 ° C. Cooling system via plate exchanger (brine).

Temperature, O2, pressure .. under supervision via a software of supervision (Centralized Technical Management)

Water treatment

Dechlorinated city water via activated charcoal filter

Available Flow


From 4 000 to 12 000 l / h (visualizable with flow meter of the installations). This parameter is manually controlled. (Recycling pump with a theoretical maximum output capacity of 40m3 / h) managed by a variable speed drive


Regulated temperature (5-20 ° C)


Instructions: The oxygen level is maintained above 7 mg / l.

Possible oxygen supplies via a U-tube and / or individual air diffusers in each basin


The pH varies from 7.2 to 8.2. He's under surveillance.


Adjustable lighting ranges (on programmed clocks) with progressive on and off.



Centre des recherches INRA de Jouy en Josas

Domaine de Vilvert, bâtiment 234
78350 Jouy en Josas, France
Tél. : +33 (0)1 34 65 28 53

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