The protected breeding area EOPS

The protected breeding area EOPS (120m²)

2 overpressure cells with a maximum capacity of 20 ventilated racks of 63 cages (~ 3000 mice)

This area is equipped with a dual-entry autoclave and ventilated racks (IVC) housing about forty transgenic lines for the supply of animals according to the needs of our customers.

portoirs ventilés

The list of these lines is in constant evolution according to the research projects. Access to this breeding area of mouse lines is controlled according to the animal health status. And if not, the lines are decontaminated either by transfer of embryos or by an aseptic hysterectomy (realized by the team of the animal house)

Modification date: 13 September 2023 | Publication date: 20 March 2017 | By: IERP ; Jérôme POTTIER